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I am a neuroscientist. 

I am an entrepreneur. 

I am a venture investor.  

My life's mission is to enable innovation, the kind relevant to the future advancement of our species.

My interests. 

I am committed to supporting visionary entrepreneurs who try to solve the hard problems, and who manage to stay true to their vision in a world that tries to make them just like everyone else. 

Frontier Technology

As a scientist, I am intrinsically interested in cutting edge discoveries.  Augmented reality, artificial intelligence and brain-machine interfaces, are just a few of those technologies whose integration in medicine can advance human health

My first AI investment was in 2011, I invested and exited one of the first wearable sensor companies, and I'm currently advising MediVis, an AR surgical navigation platform, which can literally overlay a MRI scan onto the patient live, in the OR. #thefuture

Consumer WellnEss

As someone battling a chronic disorder, I am a firm believer that if we have any hope of managing the complex, systemic, modern diseases, we must integrate lifestyle wellness into mainstream healthcare.   I believe lifestyle is an important factor in the development of the modern systemic disorders, .... -role food, environment and consumer choices.

While at HBS, I co-founded Raw Is Everything, an organic wellness brand, featured amongst others in Glamour, Fast Company, Huffington Post. 

Female Founders 

As a VC, I believe that female founders should have equal access to capital and mentorship to execute on their ideas.  I am committed to mentoring and investing in women-led startups.  

In fact, 50% of my portfolio investments are in rockstar founders who happen to be female.  Dr. Robin Berzin of Parsley Health is one of them. 

My life story.

I am an immigrant. I came to the United States on my own at age 17.

Since then I have: 

  • Graduated Valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA  from undergrad.
  • Pursued a PhD from Columbia University, where my research in genome-wide neuronal cell fate specification won several national and international awards. 
  • Earned an MBA from Harvard Business School where I received the Kaplan Fellowship for outstanding business oriented life-science professionals.
  • Invited as Speaker, Panelist and Judge for many nation-wide conferences and startup competitions including the Nationwide Healthcare Acceleration Challenge organized by Harvard Medical School-Harvard Business School, and Prize4Life's $1Million Award to find a cure for ALS. 
  • Currently serving as the Managing Director of Arkitekt Ventures, a venture fund specializing in improvemnet and advancement of human health via disruptive business models of care delivery and  frontier technology applications to healthcare.

All property, and all forms of wealth are produced by man’s mind and labor
— John Gault

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